Xmas events 2005 - Part 9

The Revamped Westgate Old School celebrated its first anniversary with a xmas Spanking Party followed by a marathon Dayschool Xmas Party. The Spanking Party was held first & this one was attended by all the Leicester House Girls, namely Jo, Donna, Emma & Sally. They were all at their troublesome best & loved the new wall bars in the Gym, almost as much as the fridge bar in their changing room.
Jo particularly enjoyed herself, as she was Head girl for the day & assisted the Mistress in all the private 121's in the Heads Study. Good preparation for a probationary Teaching role she has at the Dayschool xmas party.

For the final round all the girls looked resplendent in their xmas outfits as they all took & gave a good seasonal caning. The Headmistress joined in the spirit of it all dressed as an Angel but boy, she showed no mercy. Father Christmas also put in an appearance & received a good caning for not bringing any presents.

Party finished but as one door closes the After party door opened up. Everyone met up in the Station pub before saying their final xmas goodbyes. As usual the Leicester girls were in a riotous mood & one can only guess what escapades they got up to on their train journey home. No doubt we shall hear soon & look forward to spanking them well for it next time.

2 weeks later came the climax of the year with the Dayschool xmas Party. It was acclaimed as the best xmas party ever by those that lasted the full course of 16 hours fun & pleasure.
The Party got under way at 11:00 although there were a handful of pupils who were a few minutes late & started the day with a good spanking from the Headgirl. The class was well attended with 3 real girls, Morgan, Jo & Donna. 4 special girls, including Martina who had dyed her hair green & received a strapping from the Headmistress, plus a threat of expulsion if she turns up like it again. There were also several naughty boys in class including Randle, who was asked to conduct the morning hymn as it is one of his best subjects. Despite his efforts the Hymn was badly sung much to the Headmistresses dismay. Randle compounded the Mistresses fury by slyly placing a remote sound box under the Teachers desk. Every half a minute or so the box would emanate noises of breaking wind much to the amusement of the class. It took awhile for the staff to find it and as no one owned up to the offence everyone lined up for the cane. Jo was invited to take the class as a Probationary Teacher & was a shade too enthusiastic with the cane but did succeed in quietening the Class. She also relished caning her mate Donna who was very disruptive in Class.

Homework was collected & marked. Martina produced an inspired piece of Poetry which had the Headmistress doubting if it was her own work, whilst the Xmas card she did for Miss Watts Homework, depicting an Avalanche, was a real work of modern art form worthy of a genius or an idle brat. The Staff deemed it had to be the latter in Martinas case & worthy of a sore backside.
Lunch time soon came round & Santa turned up with a xmas cake. The Headmistress was not pleased as she didnt want the pupils excited too soon & gave Santa a caning for his gaffe.
Afterwards the Mistress did cut the cake with santa & allowed it to be eaten with Lunch. This was the signal for the class to Party & the cigarettes & alcohol began to flow. This was not a wise move as there were end of term tests in the afternoon which the whole class fared very badly indeed except for O'Brien & Slater who scored very highly. On examination of their papers it was clearly seen they had cheated heavily in marking each others papers. A good caning was given to the cheats by the Headmistress. The pupils had no sooner sat down & they were bending over again for a more severe caning for sharing a joke that the Headmistress was a typical Yorkshire person, ie "Strong in the arm & soft in the Head".
She certainly proved she was strong in the arm but underlined that it was O'brien & Slater who were soft in the head for uttering such folly.

The Highlight of the Afternoon turned out to be the end of term medical checks with the new probationary Teacher/Nurse, Miss watts. It was noted the boys were all emerging from their medical examinations with big smiles on their faces. The Headmistress investigated & discovered the checks were being conducted a little improperly. She immediately confronted the Nurse & was dismayed she was dressed as a sexy nurse rather than a Matron figure, as instructed. The Headmistress brought Miss Watts before the Class & demoted her for improper behaviour before ordering her to touch her toes at the front of the Class. She then proceeded to give Miss Watts a real good thrashing, with her trusted cane, much to the amusement of the class.

The final lesson was PE on the new Equipment, the Wall Bars, followed by a series of xmas Party games. Reid excelled & won the prizes.
School Day came to a close at 5:30 & the class went off to their hotels to change for the evening meal. This is where the "Guardians" enjoy being wined & dined at a City Restaurant by the Headmistress. In past years the Evening meal has been the culmination of the days events. Not this year though. After the meal the Party was taken to a Private Club in the City. Basically a Swingers Club with a School theme for the night. So it was uniforms back on or fetish gear. Beril Reid looked excellent in her portrayal of a St Trinians girl whilst the Headmistress looked absolutely fantastic in her Leather gear.
I am sure we will see a lot more of both types of outfits in the new year. Everyone had a great deal of fun using the Clubs equipment & really enjoyed the different surroundings. The Party finally ended at 3:00am & everyone went home very satisfied, one couple who shall remain nameless, perhaps a little more satisfied than the rest, but thats another Story.

Be sure to check out the new gallery of pictures in the members area,as they record these events & are sensational.
Make a note our January/February events & try to take in as much as you can as they are simply getting better & Better.

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