Autumn Term 2005 Part 8

The last School day of the Autumn term was held on Saturday 29th October,and was well attended. The class were in high spirits,as it was the last day of term & they seemed focused on their half term break activities,which would include Halloween & Bonfire Night. In fact the Homework had been to design a poster commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, of which most pupils had made a good effort.

The day commenced with the traditional singing of the School Hymn,which to the annoyance of the Headmistress was very poorly sang. She described it as the worst rendition of the year & ordered everyone to line up for a Spanking. She warned that if there wasnt a big improvement immediately after half term there would be Hymn practice & more severe discipline imposed.

Uniform Inspection followed & the Headmistress was also unimpressed that certain pupils had assumed it was a Muffty Day. The offenders, were back over her knee for another Spanking & also a few hefty whacks of the plimsoll were firmly applied. Reid was the main offender having turned up in her Brownie uniform, but surprisingly the Headgirl was also amongst the offenders for wearing navy nickers instead of the regulation green. Everyone had thus been shaken out of their holiday mode & made fully aware that there was a full day of lessons to be learnt before the holidays could commence. Homework was collected & first lesson of the day was English.

Comprehension, followed by Science with Miss Penny Thompson. These lessons were quite tough & pupils not applying themselves fully, were strapped & paddled by the Headgirl or disciplined by Miss Thompson with her own special brand of caning.
Final lesson of the morning was PE,which was taken by Miss Thompson but supervised by the Headmistress who soon dealt with any slackers or tomfoolery.
The winning team were presented with a cup to finish the morning on a high note.

The highlight of the Afternoon session was a double Art lesson. Each pupil was given a pumpkin to carve up for Halloween & they all entered into the spirit of things & produced some really good efforts. The Headmistress was so pleased with the results that she organised a photo call for some of the pupils with their pumpkins.
A vote was taken by the class to determine who had produced the best pumpkin and Michelle Brown was declared the winner. Michelle has settled into Westgate really well & is popular with her new classmates. However despite producing good work she is not so popular with the Headmistress just yet as her behaviour constantly lets her down.
Michelle had the dubious honour of receiving the last whacking of the term as she pushed the Headmistress too far with her use of the water pistol. So out to the front of the class Michelle was summoned where she was to receive a Spanking, the Plimsoll & the Cane. After which The Headmistress informed her that because of her unacceptable behaviour she would forgoe her Bonfire Night celebrations & accompany her to London with an equally naughty boy, from another class, for a severe caning at the Night of the Cane competiton.

November 5th duly arrived & Miss Hastings-Gore looked resplendent in her evening attire & gave a very impressive display of her Caning skills. Many non Westagte people being shocked at the ferocity of the strokes. The time came for the main event & Miss Hastings-Gore meant business as she changed into her PE kit. There were approximately 20 people due to receive 6 of the best, all from a different Master or Mistress. Each caning to be awarded marks out of 20 from 3 distinguished judges in front of an audience approaching 200 Michelle was caned by a Master & took her punishment very well to score very highly and come 3rd in the competition.A remarkable effort by Westgates newest pupil.

Eventually the time came for Miss Hastings-Gore to be called onto the stage.A sense of anticipation descended on the audience as she took centre stage & blew her whistle to summon Martin, from the upper School,to the stage for his caning.
Martin was ordered to bend over the punishment trestle. Silence descended as his PE Shorts were yanked down & Miss Hastings-Gore swished a couple of practice shots through the air. Then the Caning began for real & the audience were treated to to a truly outstanding exhibition of caning combining extreme hardness with deadly accuracy. Each whack being greeted with loud gasps from the audience.
To his credit Martin didnt flinch, he dare not as he knew he would get a lot more when back at School if he did. After the 4th stroke the Headmistress paused to check Martins composure & confirm number of strokes given. She then prepared to give the coup de grace. First place beckoned with perfect scores of 20 a distinct possibility as the stripes clearly showed the accuracy of the fierce strokes.
The cane was raised & the 5th stroked cracked across the buttocks with deadly accuracy again, slightly tearing the skin. However a tiny amount of blood had been drawn which is not allowed in the competitions rules. A voice from a source unknown shouted to the adjudicator,"BLOOD, BLOOD" Before Miss Hastings-Gore could deliver the final sroke the adjudicator sensationally stepped in to prevent her doing so & thus Disqualifying her.

The Photos of the caned bottom can be seen in the new gallery - "Autumn Term 2005" & clearly show the accuracy of the caning & the travesty of the disqualification just one stroke from victory. Many people said afterwards that the decision was harsh and that the "D" mark awarded should be looked upon as one of Distinction not Disqualification. Miss Hastings-Gore had certainly proved herself to be a "CUT" above the rest & returned to Westgate with her reputation enhanced.

There is one remaining Dayschool this year & that will be the christmas Party one on Saturday 10th December. This Party is always hugely popular but this years will be better than ever. The School will last from 11-00am to 5-00pm as normal & will be attended by those terrible girls from the Midlands, Jo & Donna. If you want to be in class with them, make sure you book early as places are filling up quickly & will be limited.
After School the Party begins in earnest as everyone is taken for an evening meal to be followed by a visit to fetish club which just happens to have a School theme for the night. Stay as long as you like its on till 3-00am. For details & to reserve your place, e-mail tel 07947 554862.
Of course the Dayschool is a must for all submissives.

However if you are Dominant or like to switch & want to Spank, strap, & cane Jo & Donna, Emma & Sally yourself then we have a superb Spanking Party lined up for you on Saturday 26th November. For details and to reserve your place, E-mail

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