From the Junior Gossip Editor.
Beril Reid.

Autumn Term 2005  Part 5

During the course of the morning the Headmistress said she had received a present. A handfull of leather straps. Did I hear that right ?  A present from a pupil ?
COME-ON who would present the Headmistress with a big pile of leather straps?

Surely she would never use them on our bottoms?
YOU should see the straps involved ! One which she took particular delight in showing off  was an old fashioned leather belt at least half an inch thick, an evil looking monster. If she whacked you with that, it would cut you in half, not to mention the two tailed tawses and three tailed stingers impressively laid out before us.
Little did we know at the time that us girls would be testing them out so soon and Howww!

Immediately after school dinner time had ended, Morgan Findlay, the Headgirl went straight into the Headmistress Study and did she have plenty to report to her.
We were called in to the Study to see the Headmistress one at a time. First in was Martina and it wasnt long before we heard several fearsome whacking sounds emanating from within the Study.

After what seemed an eternity, the door to the Study opened & poor Martina emerged clutching her bottom, looking distraught with tears in her eyes.
I gulped, it was obvious our lunch time high spirits had seriously incurred the wrath of Miss Hastings-Gore.
Vicky was summoned in next,on her birthday too. But there was to be no reprieve for her, as she suffered a similar fate to Martina & I was next in line.
Oh how i was regretting our antics now. Luckily, I had a plan, I thought.

Eventually Vickys ordeal was over & I was summoned into the Study. The Headmistress accused me of disgraceful behaviour, unlady like conduct, having a tattooed bottom, wearing lipstick and drinking alcohol & smoking in class.

"Well have you been smoking Beril",She asked.
"No miss", i replied in my sweetest voice.
It was to no avail as the Headmistress said she preferred to believe the Headgirl.
"So Bend over the desk, Beril" she bellowed "and take your punishment. This is
going to hurt. Boy,she was not kidding!

She lifted my skirt well up my back, exposing my well made plans "BERIL, ARE YOU WEARING PADDING"? she exclaimed.
Foolishly I said "No Miss !
She decided to check for herself and discovered a fake rubber bottom inside my bottle green gym knickers.
"OH how did that get there Miss", I sheepishly implied.
She laid the thick belt over the rubber bottom at full force, by the time she removed it even the poor rubber bottom was black and blue.
Then the padding was removed & my knickers lowered. The tattoo's were not the only thing to add colour to my bottom. I saw the tawse raised & gripped the desk hard in nervous anticipation. I wasnt to be dissapointed.

What have I done to deserve this ?

When my ordeal was over, Miss told me how she expected me to behave in future
& that if she discovered evidence of my drinking or smoking, I would incur a double dose of  the Cane for lying to her.
"Yes Miss", I blubbered, as i was shown out her Study.
The new girl went in next & even she received six strokes of her new leather strap for sarting the water fight & six more with the Tawse for wearing white nickers.
On her first day too.

I knew the Headmistress was dieing to try them bloody things out & she looked like the cat that got the cream. The rest of us failed to see the funny side but we were now quiet and subdued again & ready to be taught more lessons.


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